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Buying A home – Bells and Whistles

We all love a little luxury in our lives, but when home shopping be sure not to be so impressed with the Bells and Whistles that you fail to take into consideration other important factors, like the things that need work, or whether the home will even work for you.  Here are three important things to keep in mind while viewing prospective homes.

Don’t get enticed by granite.  High end countertops, like granite, in kitchens and bathrooms can be an amazing feature, but make sure that the rest of the room is in the same great shape.  Are the cabinets and fixtures in good shape or will they need to be replaced?  How about the appliances?  Don’t let the one feature in the room blind you to the less appealing qualities that you may need to or want to change.

Think about how you use the space.  For example, the kitchen is often a gathering place in a home.  Is there enough room for more than one person to cook? If you have small children, are you able to see them in the yard from the kitchen?  Is the home office in a quiet area of the home?   Make sure that the home is functional for your family and your day to day routine.

Don’t fall in love with the decor.  It’s easy to fall in love with the current owner’s furniture or decor and not visualize your own things in the home.  Is it the home that you love, or the antiques, furniture, or design style that you are attracted to? Make sure it is the actual home that you love.  And if there are light fixtures or window coverings that you can’t live without, specify in the contract that you would like them. Often times things like these and sometimes even furniture can be included in negotiations.

*Adapted from Bob Vila’s House Choosing Checklist

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