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What Does a Home Inspector Do?

In this week’s video blog, Kelowna Realtor, Brendan Stoneman, sits down with home inspector, Murray Klingbeil from Amerispec, to discuss the importance of getting a home inspection when you are in the midst of buying a property.  There is always the potential for costly repairs, even into the tens of thousands of dollars, so it is critical that you have a full understanding of the condition of the property and all of its mechanical components.  Nobody likes surprises, especially when they can potentially be very costly to repair!

Murray has completed over 10,000 home inspections and has a wealth of knowledge.  Watch this short video to learn about what a home inspector does, the areas of the home they can inspect, and how long a typical inspection takes.  If you have any further questions about the home inspection process, please ask!  If you need a great inspector in the Kelowna area – Murray’s contact info is below.

Here’s the Transcript of this Video:

BRENDAN – Hi, it’s Brendan Stoneman at RE/MAX Kelowna here, and I am joined by home inspector Murray Klingbeil from Amerispec. So when I’m working with buyer clients, I’m always recommending that they get a home inspection on the property, I think it’s really important. But just wanted to ask you, what does a home inspector do?

MURRAY – What we do, is get a snapshot of the condition of the property on the day of the inspection. So basically, we’re trying to get an eyeball on everything we can look at at the house without doing destructive damage. You’ve gotta remember, we are a guest in somebody else’s home, and we must respect that, and make sure we leave it like I found it. I wish I had the luxury of Mr. Mike Holmes and go to my truck and get my Sawzall, and be able to chop holes in the walls to be able to look in basements for termites and things like that. But unfortunately, we can’t do that.

BRENDAN – Yeah, I don’t think the sellers would be, too thrilled with you.

MURRAY – Not too happy with that.

BRENDAN – So then how long does a typical home inspection usually take?

MURRAY – Well, that’s all gonna depend on the size, age, and condition of the house, and how many people I have in my entourage. A typical inspection on a house that’s 25 years old or newer, that’s around 2,000 square feet is gonna take me right in around two and a half to three hours. Data collection first, and then if possible I like to generate the report right on site while I’m there to see; Gee was there a smoke detector downstairs? So you can get it accurately.

BRENDAN – Yep, so then are the buyers typically there for the whole inspection time? Or what do you recommend for that?

MURRAY – Well, it can go either way. Everybody nowadays is so busy with kids and careers and all that. A lot of them can’t take a full two and a half to three hours out of their day, so I always recommend if at all possible, they can come to the site at least for a walk-through at the end of the inspection. Then I can show them everything that I’ve found, explain remedies, approximate costs, or it they have lots of time, I enjoy the company if they’re there every step of the way. And it works out time-wise about the same. Because if the client is with me for every step, that saves me the walk-through at the end, same time.

BRENDAN – So then what happens at the end of the inspection? You know, everyone goes home, what happens next?

MURRAY – The inspection report is computer generated that day. We take lots of nice, clear, digital photos for the explanation. It’s a Word-based document with the photos interspersed at each particular category. So it’s like reading a picture book. Super easy, it’s emailed that day. And then if my client is out of town, I call ’em on the phone, and we do an item line by item line explanation so they know exactly what they’re buying before they sign on the dotted line.

BRENDAN – Yep, perfect. And if someone’s reading through that report and they’ve got some questions, are they able to reach out to you and get some more information?

MURRAY – Absolutely, email’s there, a cell phone number’s at the top of the report. They can call me anytime.

BRENDAN – Perfect.

For any Home Inspection needs contact Murray at:




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