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Building Your Financial Plan

What is the best way to build your financial plan?

It’s that time again – the beginning of another year! Likely you are thinking about some saving or investment goals for the new year. Not sure what the best route to take is? Do you have some debt you want to organize and have a solid plan to pay off? It can be overwhelming to figure out what all your options are and what financial institutions or products will be best for you. Today I sit down with Tom Gaymer of Freedom 55 Financial to find out how a financial broker can help make this process easier and help you make your goals a reality.

Here is the Transcription:

BRENDAN – Hey there, this is Brendan Stoneman with RE/MAX Kelowna and I’m talking to financial advisor Tom Gaymer. So having a well rounded financial plan, I think most people would agree, would consist of having a mix of different types of financial tools in your toolkit, so I’m curious to see what you do when a client sits down with you to build their overall financial plan. How do you assess what they need and decide where to go with it?

TOM – Sure, so sometimes when a client comes in it might be for one specific thing, so we might deal with that one particular element. Sometimes they might do that at various different times which then builds a financial plan, sometimes someone might come in and they just want a full financial plan. We’re gonna sit down and we’re gonna analyze each area for itself, but also look at how each one compliments each other and how that builds a perfect thing.

BRENDAN – So if you’re looking at, pulling from a variety of different products, does it make more sense to reach out and talk to this guy for that thing and this guy for that thing, or have it all under one roof; how do you feel about that?

TOM – Sure, so there are various different takes on that. Sometimes its rare that you’re gonna find one financial institution that is gonna have the best product in every area, but potentially you can come to one person, like a broker like myself, and then I can actually go out to the different places on your behalf and get the best products and bring them in one place.


TOM – As we’re in, obviously, wine country in the Okanagan, I’d look at it like this. A wine is made of a variety of different flavors and different components.

BRENDAN – Right, yeah.

TOM – Yeah. Its the wine maker’s job to bring all of those components together, let them ferment over time, and then they’re gonna create an amazing bottle of wine.

BRENDAN – That’s great.

TOM – That’s my job.

BRENDAN – Locally relevant analogy.

TOM – There you go.

BRENDAN – Awesome, and so I assume, like everything, the earlier you start the better position you are down the road, so you’re kinda grabbing the reins and setting this up while you’re in control of it as opposed to reacting maybe to a curve ball that life’s thrown you.

TOM – Exactly. Being proactive is always gonna be better than being reactive.

BRENDAN – Right.

TOM – That doesn’t mean that its too late, you can always come and see somebody and they’re always gonna be able to give you advice of some capacity, but they’re gonna be able to give you the best advice the earlier that you go to them. So if you can go to them now, go to them now.

BRENDAN – Makes sense.

In need of Financial Advice? Contact Tom:

Tom Gaymer

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